York 2001

IIn 2001, part of our vacation was spent in York, in the north of England. York is a city we love and visit on a regular basis. The first shot is of the Shambles, a medieval street which once housed butchers. The next clip is taken in a shop on the Shambles where I was buying a batik wall hanging which was made on the Isle of Skye......then a beautiful ice crystal phenomenon in the sky by York Minster, along with a weird circular cloud formation..... spooky.......a shot of a walk on a section of York's medieval walls......Clifford's Tower, which is all that remains of York Castle.....more of the Wall (this is the quintessential picture of York Minster from the wall)....Inside York Minster with our friend, Paul, who'd come up to join us for the day from Doncaster....York Minster's Flying Buttresses as seen from halfway up to the roof.....on the roof of the Minster with Paul.