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On March 7 we hosted pre-wedding celebretory drinks at the Albion Pub for some of our Hampton Court friends and the family.
Attending were Paul's cousin Clara and her husband, Eric, and their two children Corvis & Lavinia (who live
in England), and Christine, Katherine, Patrick, Malcolm, Denise and Denis. Our good friends, Trevor and Roland were unable to attend due to
Trevor's parents' 50th wedding anniversary the same evening.....but we had dinner with Trev and Jackie the night before, and
we had pancakes with Roland and crew at the palace one evening. We also missed Brian and Ian who were unable to attend that particular evening,
but we did get together with them at other times during our palace stay. Those photos will show up elsewhere on the site as we
slowly pull it together over the next few weeks/months! We were also surprised at the pub with a call from Martin in Canada, who
used to sing in the choir at Hampton Court many years ago and who found us via this website last summer. Would have loved to
see him that night too, but the phone call was a nice surprise.