The Hall of Battles (49kb) Diane in the Hall of Battles (34kb) Looking Out a Window in the Palace towards The South Parterre (42kb) Diane in the Hall of Mirrors (41kb) Allan and Louis XIV on the Cobblestones (40kb)
Louis XIV the Sun King (34kb) Ditto (31kb) Versailles - Amazing Architecture, The Forecourt looking towards The Chapel (51kb) The Forecourt (46kb) Diane in front of the Main Gates (29kb)
The Main Gates (41kb) Diane at Versailles (45kb) Diane and Allan at Versailles (41kb) Ditto (40kb) The Hall of Battles (42kb)
The Water Parterre (37kb) The Rhone by Tuby (40kb) Diane in Louis XIV's backyard (37kb) Bloodhound Killing a Stag by Houzeau (84kb) A bird in the hand... (41kb)
Beautiful Flowers in The North Parterre (53kb) More Beautiful Flowers at Versailles (67kb) The Avenue leading to The Fountain of Bacchus (43kb) The Fountain of Latona (38kb) Beautiful Vista - the views go on forever, looking towards The Orangery (45kb)
Diane in front of THe Orangery (34kb) Rental Boats at Versailles (37kb) Allan at Versailles, on the avenue leading to The Petit Trianon (59kb) Shadows and Light (73kb) The backside of THe Fountain of Apollo (39kb)
The Fountain of Apollo and The Grand Canal (33kb) The Fountain of Apollo (46kb) The Fountain of Apollo (35kb) The Views Go On For Miles, the Fountain of Latona (53kb) Diane on The Royal Avenue (43kb)
The Knife Grinder, pigeons Love this Guy (39kb) A Bird in the Hand.... (32kb) French Flag and Diane (26kb) More Beautiful Statuary (39kb) And More..... (34kb)
and even more..... (42kb) Another Bird in the hand.... (38kb) Flowers in The North Parterre (65kb) urtles and Alligators in front of The Fountain of Latona (60kb) Versailles Vista (31kb)
Flowers in The North Parterre (51kb) Mermaids (51kb) The Pyramid Fountain by Girardon (54kb) Unusual Rooftop Stonework (29kb) More Beautiful Statues (45kb)
Rooftop Stonework (37kb) Versailles Forecourt (39kb) The Water Parterre (42kb) A Street in the Old Town of Versailles (64kb)