Unusual British Signage

Please do not fall off stairs or castle. (87kb) Please do not hit head on Castle (94kb) Big Brother is watching you, even in Salisbury (54kb) Oh no! Out of control children! (79kb) Warning! Please do not allow children to fling selves into water. (39kb)
I had just been talking to a local in Chepstow about how dangerous the tidal River Wye looks, and he informed me that people die in that river all the time. (61kb) Is it unusual to see elderly people in Wales? (32kb) That must be a very long pole. (53kb) We love these Welsh place names. (57kb) Evidently my name means exit in Wales. (54kb)
In case of emergency learn Welsh. (37kb) There must be illiterate people in Britain too. (68kb) Who are you accusing of humpshunting? I have never humpshunted anything or anybody. (53kb) Warning! Whatever a Bollard is I don't want to be here when it rises. (56kb) Needs no explanation, this problem is worldwide. (42kb)
Must be Santa Claus (51kb) Gay and old must mean something else in Britain. (78kb) I thought they weren't supposed to advertise, we did eventually find out that this was a burgular alarm company. (43kb) Cheers! (43kb) Mystreries of the Welsh language. (50kb)
Please do not fall into water. (57kb)