The London Eye

The London Eye and Big Ben (53kb) The Thames from the Eye (51kb) Looking down on the Pod below and the cold grey waters of the Thames (47kb) The Eye and the Thames (52kb) Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey from the Eye (42kb)
Diane on the Eye (50kb) Maintainance Access to the Eye (70kb) What am I doing up here????? (47kb) A beuatiful day to be on the Eye (48kb) Our Neighbor's Pod (55kb)
Our Other Neighbor's Pod (47kb) Is there a Starbuck's Down There? (37kb) The Houses of Parliament from the Eye (65kb) Looking North (67kb) THe hard shiny underbelly of the London Eye Pods (35kb)
Looking Northeast, note St. Pauls and the Gherkin (Swiss RE Headquarters) (52kb) Charing Cross Station (79kb) Our Pod was not very crowded, one nervous occupant never left the bench (50kb) Shadow of the Eye (58kb) Holly and Diane on the Eye (43kb)
The Thames Looking South toward Westminster, Lambeth and Vauxhall Bridges and Millbank Tower (62kb) The Pod Below Ours (63kb) The Thames Looking South (51kb) Waterloo Station from the Eye (77kb) Looking Towards St. Paul Cathedral over the rooftops (64kb)
Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament from the Eye (70kb) The Thames Facing South and MI5 Headquarters (54kb) The Eye from Westminster Bridge (44kb) The Houses of Parliament from the Riverbank (55kb) Holly and Diane prior to bravely boarding the Eye (57kb)
The Thames (45kb) Parliament (45kb) Charing Cross Station (59kb) Hungerford Millenium Footbridge and Whitehall (49kb) Spokes and Hub of the Eye (48kb)
The Pods from below (46kb)