Some Tasty British Menu Items

Holly's beans for breakfast at The Travel Inn County Hall (56kb) We don't see this on American menus. (39kb) A green salad in York containing only green items, however unsaladlike they may be. (47kb) The infamous Spotted Dick from Gert & Henry's in York. (49kb) A bowl of cheese aka cauliflower cheese bake in Covent Garden.  Also featured are a few lagers. (68kb)
A couple more brews. (52kb) The Pasty Pirate who became a good friend of ours on this trip. (78kb) Brown Sauce. Aptly named, being brown and a sauce.  Need I say more? (66kb) An enormous pastry-topped chicken and leek pie at the Prince of Wales pub in East Molesey. (48kb) A Caerphilly cheese and leek burger, also from the Prince of Wales. (47kb)
Cod an Chips again from the Prince of Wales. (55kb) Salads at The Place Below, a vegetarian restaurant located in the crypt of St. Mary Le Bow's church, London. (68kb) Food that is not for sale.  Plastic, in the Tudor kitchens, Hampton Court Palace. (53kb) Tea and AMAZING cake and cookies at the Spread Eagle Inn, Midhurst. (70kb) Pick up a Stella for your fella.  (71kb)
One of Allan's many photographs in a series of photographs of bread. (78kb)