Raglan Castle

Beautiful Raglan Castle in Monmouthshire, Wales, dates in part from the mid-1400's and Henry VII spent time here. We arrived at Raglan after a stressful, but still amusing, car journey with Allan bravely driving on the wrong side of the road (our first time renting a car anywhere in the UK), only to be confronted by a seemingly "mad" rooster in the castle parking area, who did not want to let us alight from our rental car. The day was chilly but clear and I think we got some gorgeous shots, even though the colors that day seemed even more vivid than they do in the photos. We'd really love to go back and spend more time here. Check out our panoramas page which is linked off of Allan's page or our homepage for a panorama taken from the top of the Great Tower.

Holly confronts the mad Welsh chicken (73kb) A lazy Raglan cat guarding the gates of the castle (77kb) The Keep with Welsh flag flying (73kb) The Keep and Moat (69kb) The Keep from another angle (53kb)
Beautiful Welsh scenery (47kb) The bridge from fountain court to the Great Tower (66kb) The Moat (75kb) The Great Tower (54kb) Another view of the Moat  (55kb)
Multi-hued stone in Fountain Court (43kb) many different colors of stone at Raglan (64kb) A crumbling stairway near the Gatehouse (56kb) The buildings in Pitched Stone Court (74kb) Fountain Court (54kb)
Holly at Raglan (69kb) Beautiful archway (58kb) Fountain Court (67kb) Fountain Court (58kb) The Great Tower from Fountain Court (58kb)
The Hall with beautiful fireplaces on two levels (67kb) The Hall (57kb) Looking up from the Hall (73kb) Looking up from the Hall (64kb) Beautiful runis of Raglan (68kb)
Holly and Diane at the top of the Great Tower (61kb) View from the Great Tower - they'd have been able to see their enemies for miles (34kb) Another view from the Great Tower (75kb) Beautiful rolling hills of Wales (68kb) Looking toward the Hall from the Great Tower (78kb)
Looking at the Gatehouse from the top of the Great Tower (77kb) Looking across the moat from the Great Tower - the green is so vivid it hurts your eyes (114kb) Raglan (151kb) That green again (60kb) Beautiful stonework at Raglan (62kb)
Raglan (74kb) The Moat (77kb) The Great Tower at Raglan (81kb) The Moat on a cloudy day (61kb) The impressive front of Raglan (62kb)
A pretty tree across the moat (41kb) Looking across the moat at that tree (40kb) Allan really loved this tree! (32kb) The striking colors of the stone - many hues (34kb) The backside entrance to Fountain Court (33kb)
The Gatehouse:  Note the international picture sign warning you not to slip and fall (38kb) The sleepy Raglan cat awoke before we left (46kb)