Photo Restoration
I started this hobby sort of by accident, well while I was taking Paul Oberlander's Photoshop class
at Canoga High Schools' Adult Classes, and it has become one of the pastimes I enjoy the most.

The latest project
was from a friend
of Diane's.

A torn up photo
was reassembled.
This was FUN.


This was a project done for
family friend Joanne Sanders.
The great thing about the
picture of her dad was that
the face was almost perfect.

This one was for a friend of Diane's at work, it was about 1.5 in by about 3 in ,and had a surface that when magnified looked like leather.
Just finished repairing this for a friend of Diane's parents. The hardest part was trying to hide the "invisible" tape

Augusta Ewerth, Diane's Great Great Grandmother

Diane, little miss sassy, who recieved a rather adult looking bathrobe for Christmas

My friend at work, Eddie Baeza, brought in a couple of old pictures for me to play with. I really had fun with this one.

Diane's Grandfather, Luther Roswell Yount, at his Confirmation, circa 1917. I used to sit and talk with him for hours about life in the 20's and 30's.

Naomi Ruth Bigham , Diane's Grandmother in her Flapper days.
Vera Clara Marie Marquardt, Diane's Grandmother at her Confirmation circa 1920