Miscellaneous London 2005
Here is where we placed many of the photos taken on our 2005 trip that didn't fit into the other categories of places visited. What a wonderful and warm city - we always have a fabulous time when we visit. This trip was made extra special because our friend Blaine was in London for a few days on a business trip (he's a corporate pilot) and we were able to meet him and visit awhile at Paddington Station prior to catching our train to Wales. We also love taking photos at Tube Stations (actually, I think you are not supposed to do that....ooops). I went up on the London Eye again with Holly's friend, Jessica, who was on her first ever trip to England. The day wasn't as clear as my last Eye flight in 2004, but I still managed a couple of good photos. We had a great time laughing and having fun with Holly on this particular trip....check out the photos of us dragging our heavily over packed suitcases up the stairs to Waterloo Station (first column, forth row up from the bottom) - it's a rollover photo! A dozen trips to England and we've still only managed to scratch the surface of this spectacular city. There is something new and wonderful to be discovered around every corner..........Diane

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