Midhurst, West Sussex

It was in the mid-1970's that I first read Anya Seton's beautiful historical/reincarnation novel "Green Darkness" and it became one of my favorite books. I've read it over and over again through the years and I introduced Holly to it several years ago. She loved it equally. We'd always wanted to visit some of the locations from the book and in 2004 we went to Ightham Mote (see our 2004 trip photos) and this year we decided to try to visit Midhurst and the ruins of Cowdrey House. We had planned to take a train to Haselmere and then a taxi, but our friend Patrick, when we told him about the journey, offered to drive us there, and then on to Chichester, one of his favorite cities. It was a lovely day and Holly and I were SO pleased to finally visit The Spread Eagle Inn and the exquisite medieval town of Midhurst. We'd love to come back here one day and spend more time. It almost seems frozen in the 15th Century..........Diane.

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