Karen is coming to Los Angeles (soon we hope)
It's been way too long
for best friends
to be so far apart

Karen and Diane at the top of Topanga Canyon looking down into the Valley. This is how I come home from work every day now. But when you get here, I won't have to go to work at all for a week or so....pure bliss!!!!
We can visit the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum - at the moment there is a fascinating exhibit of mummies pulled from European peat bogs.
We can float around in our backyard spa (almost as big as a small pool) while laughing about all the crazy things we used to do and the trouble we'd get ourselves into! (Remember explaining all those blown up balloons in your car to a nice policeman?)
On really hot days we can dangle our feet in the spa to keep cool!

On a weekend, we can visit the Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasadena with Allan and Holly (and maybe go to the Rose Bowl swap meet!)

And if I had more time to dig out additional photos for Allan to doctor in Photoshop, I'd put ones in for Malibu Beach, Santa Barbara and the Getty Museum.