Jeff's Second Album
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img_3979.jpg (51kb) img_3980.jpg (64kb) img_3983.jpg (38kb) img_3986.jpg (68kb) img_3988.jpg (78kb)
img_3990.jpg (99kb) img_3996.jpg (34kb) img_4014.jpg (78kb) img_4016.jpg (81kb) img_4017.jpg (38kb)
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img_4067.jpg (35kb) img_4073.jpg (45kb) img_4076.jpg (99kb) img_4077.jpg (49kb) img_4086.jpg (31kb)
img_4095.jpg (74kb) img_4111.jpg (97kb) img_4112.jpg (92kb) img_4114.jpg (66kb) jeff & emily at cleopatra's needle.jpg (82kb)
jeff peas.jpg (63kb) jeff, emily & mom getting ready for takeoff.jpg (64kb) ladie's love paris.jpg (31kb) mom & emily at westminster abbey2.jpg (63kb) mom & emily at york.jpg (86kb)
mom & emily in conway2.jpg (51kb) mom & emily onthe shambles1.jpg (72kb) mom and emily at strarford-uon-avon1.jpg (60kb) mom in paris.jpg (95kb) morning crew.jpg (93kb)
new brother & sister.jpg (86kb) paris.jpg (96kb) paul & holly leaving hcp.jpg (49kb) paul and all the women in his life.jpg (25kb) paul in the undergroud.jpg (62kb)
paul, mom & emily paris.jpg (28kb)