Irish Coffee
Holly set me on a quest for the perfect Irish Coffee. It was a job....but someone had to do it! My mission was to find the perfect one by sampling a glass every place we stayed. She even made me a great little booklet for keeping score. Looking at these photos makes me want to go back and have another. Maybe next year!!!

P1000700.jpg (42kb) P1000701.jpg (52kb) P1000702.jpg (50kb) P1000703.jpg (52kb)
P1000842.jpg (56kb) P1000843.jpg (48kb) P1010047.jpg (56kb) P1010319.jpg (57kb)
P1010351.jpg (70kb) P1010352.jpg (54kb) P1010354.jpg (48kb) P1010635.jpg (40kb)
P1030312.jpg (56kb) P1030313.jpg (63kb)