Ightham Mote Manor House, Kent

Ightham Mote:  I had to visit.  It was a The oldest parts of the house date from the 1300's (59kb) Beautiful, moated medieval Manor House (even in the drizzle) (46kb) One of Allan's series of the Finally made it to where the bones were found in the wall (39kb)
Glad I finally convinced Holly to read it - she then wanted to come here, too! (51kb) Pretty stone bridge over the Mote's moat (64kb) Two happy readers (41kb) Allan liked it here, too (that really surprized me).  Wonderful tour guides here who gave us lots of information about Pretty tree at Ightham Mote (41kb)
Happy at Ightham Mote, even in the rain (30kb) Waiting for my hair to frizz  (45kb) Which of our has our natural hair color?  (neither!) (39kb) Stella, Stella, everywhere. (23kb) Chimneys at Ightham Mote (40kb)
More pretty stuff at Ightham Mote (41kb) Raining in the Moat (and on the camera lens) (42kb) Two wet California ladies still enjoying the location of a favorite book (40kb) Couryard at Ightham Mote (53kb) More of the Courtyard at Ightham Mote (49kb)
More of the Ightham Mote Courtyard (50kb) Didn't I already caption this photo? (44kb) Leaving Ightham Mote to catch our cab (the cab driver has a ghost in his house) (50kb) Pretty, pretty Ightham Mote (58kb)
Anya Seton lived at the Mote while writing Another in the