Buffy the wonder dog album

No, we don't actually own a dog....this is Buffy, the extremely spoiled, but incredibly cute (and smart) little dog belonging to my Mom and Dad. I guess I'd probably spoil him, too, if he were mine.......Diane.

I wish I could read magazines, especially the dog food ads, (42kb) Sallie lets me lay my butt anywhere I want (32kb) Dreaming of lunch (36kb) I could be a model for sofa ads (38kb) Even the rude rustling of pages won't disturb me (47kb)
I could sleep through a hurricaine (41kb) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (44kb) Do I hear food? (42kb) ain't I cute (40kb) I'm cute from behind too (32kb)
I have a sofa glued to my belly (48kb) Airborne for liver snaps! (40kb) Buffy's Christmas Fantasy (52kb) Waiting for Santa is tiring (34kb) I think I hear Reindeer on the roof (33kb)
Will someone please take me for a walk? (43kb) I'm not really as sad as I look (37kb) Here is the right side of my new sweater (45kb) And here is the left side (44kb) The Buff dog watering the parched desert trees (80kb)
The life of a dog is OOOOOhhhhh so tough (44kb) Especially a spoiled dog (44kb) Cute dogs get to hang around pretty girls who almost always want to hold them (70kb) Ahh such a sweet life it is (56kb)