Blarney, 2007
We stayed in Blarney at the Blarney Castle Hotel right on the Blarney village green within a two minute walk of the Castle. The castle and grounds look like something right out of a fairytale. But after making the climb to the top of the castle, I freaked and couldn't bring myself to lean back and kiss the stone on the first try (you are VERY high up), so had to return the next day having felt embarrassed by coming so far only to chicken out. I managed it on the second attempt, although I was very dizzy afterwards - I'm not fond of heights. Allan actually bashed his poor nose on the stone while trying to kiss it...does that bring some extra luck or something, I hope? Our Hotel's bar, called Johnnie's, seems to be a fun and friendly hangout for watching soccer games. We enjoyed having few pints at this place. The hotel is staffed by a very friendly bunch and the food in the hotel's restaurants is excellent! I'd go back just for another slice of their Bailey's Malteaser Cheesecake!!!