Arundel, Sussex

Arundel Castle, Sussex (37kb) The approach to Arundel looking up the hill (23kb) Looks almost new, heavily restored in the by the 15th Duke of Norfolk 1849-1917 (28kb) Much of Arundel dates from the 11th and 12th Centuries (32kb) Allan & Holly about to enjoy a pub lunch, Diane can be seen behind us in the mirror, Allan looks skeptical about Dianes photographic abilities, Holly is amused (28kb)
Stella Artois, the best Belgian beer in England (25kb) No explanation required (36kb) Holly and Diane outside the Swan where we had lunch which was recommended by our taxi driver (39kb) Ruins at the base of the hill below Arundel (63kb) Swans on the River Arun (35kb)
More of the River Arun (18kb) Holly and Diane in Arundel, Looking for the Boots Drug Store (33kb) Arundel (25kb) Arundel Castle (35kb) View from the entrance to the keep which dates from about 1138 (34kb)
The Keep (27kb) Arundel Castle (31kb) Arundel (31kb) Arundel19.jpg (28kb) The Keep (47kb)
Beautiful late summer foliage (47kb) The Gatehouse was built by Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Arundel in 1070 (34kb) The Gatehouse (23kb) More Gatehouse (32kb) The Keep looking cold  (20kb)
The Gatehouse built by Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Arundel in 1070 (56kb) More Arundel (35kb) Hearty thistles growing out of the rock in the Keep (68kb) View from the Keep (30kb) Another view from the Keep (32kb)
Looking down from the keep (40kb) A church just outside the grounds of Arundel Castle (47kb) Arundel Castle (41kb) Arundel Castle (48kb) Diane and Holly : Vacations make them smile (42kb)